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Mercenary->Destroyer's Info & Skill Build

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Source from: http://tw.meetgee.com/Topic/View.aspx?ID=2014380
Skill name's are base off NA's DN source: http://dn.mmosite.com/tool/skilltree_t3.shtml
This guide is made translated by me, if there's any inaccurate information from this article please feedback by posting here.
This guide is base on 3rd job which will not be included in CBT nor the starts of OBT.
Players may choose to follow this build for future OBT update on 3rd job.
These are just recommendation skill builds which are not essential follow it.

Introduction of Mercenary:
Before the level 40 quest patch of "Sea Dragon" Mercenary is a job that is often neglected, even though it has attack skills that debuff targets reducing thier damage deal and ability to drastically reduce damage that it takes for a short timing.

Reason of Mercenary being neglect are:
Defense aren't strong even comparing with Priest.
Slow skill attack animation which affects DPS.
Most attacks does not do multiple hits nor has high critical as Bow Master/Acrobat.

After the quest patch of "Sea Dragon", it's popularity raises, every party will find Mercenary a must have member of the party.
As of release of 3rd Job, it enhance the Mercenary abilities on either damage or damage reduction skills.

Destroyer plays the different role than the other Mercenary 3rd job Barbarian. Even though Destroyer doesn't do as much damage as Barbarian, it's Destroyer skill can compensate it. Comparing with Barbarian, Destroyers looks to be more suitable for front-liners.

Destroyers unique role is to drastically reduce damage from targets using a skill that does a circular range damage to surrounding targets damage also causing an effect which reduce damage targets deal . Be a master of this skill and it will definitely help your party as a front-line damage taker, attracting all targets to you and let your party unleash their most powerful skill with ease.

Skill Build:

Skill Build Analysis:

Standard Build:
Max skill that affect damage reduction like Iron Skin, Devastating Howl, Battle Howl & Panic Howl. This will mean efficient self-damage reduction in battles.

Damage Build:
Swap points on Punishing Swing, Circle Bomber & Rolling attack to Whirlwind since Whirlwind does decent damage with multiple hits. Whirlwind allows more option in battle also use Flying Swing to launch mobs up the air then use Whirlwind to finish it. Players can add point in consideration of skills that is usually uses, type of battles or for benefit of partying and etc.
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what herarldries should be best to use?
Posted Apr 4, 12
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It depend whether u r PVP or PVE
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